Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Sylvia Sanchez Fermin. I’m an international student at SMU in Saint Mary’s University. I am studying for a master’s degree and working on a program of mastering technology entrepreneurship and innovation. The subject where I’m using Pandos is innovative process and management, there’s where I’m using Pandos.

What problems were you attempting to solve with Pandos?


Communication problems when working with a team

Our teacher, Dr. Claudia is the one who took the role of managing the class. And within our class, my team used Pandos to work on the project on our own. It was a challenge to work in a team but we can solve different issues thanks to Pandos app.

Right now, we are using the platform to get to know each other better our aim was for online communication to feel the same as that of face-to-face communications:

Communicating with students online requires a little more thought, planning and time, and because everything was done online, there wasn’t a lot of interaction between us. We were able to do a personality test which allowed us to measure a person’s most important personality traits and help them in determining which roles are best suited to them.

So, when I first got my team, the first thing I did was check all of their results because I didn’t know who they were yet. This helped me better understand how they compare to me and to put names to their characteristics which personally I found very useful.

What do you like best about Pandos?

The best part about Pandos is we can see characteristics that we can’t see when learning online via other platforms like Zoom. Though we have already met before in our first year, we didn’t see who we really are until we used Pandos.
Hence, Pandos app is really easy to use and very intuitive since the display is very friendly to the users. Especially the designs like colors, fonts, etc. When combined together they are very eye-catching. In general, I like Pandos app because it is very user-friendly and the design is very good.


With Pandos app, finding the perfect time for team meetings has never been easier.

What do you dislike about Pandos?

There is one part that I think Pandos app should update is scaling in evaluating team performance (or known as assignment). I expected the scale to have things like one point means the lowest, and five point means the best. The other things that I also recommend Pandos to review are submission and notification. For instance, when I did all of the team evaluation and submitted it, the notification just pumped out saying that I am not answering the questions and so, I had to do the evaluation over again. In my point of view, Pandos should put more attention to the details that I mentioned above.

What recommendations do you have for others who consider using Pandos?

For new users, you should do the first quiz to reflect your characteristics and it might take time to do it a little bit. You should do it first because it’s the essential information that helps you to join a suitable team. Again, the platform is very intuitive and it’s really good. You will see that everything is easy to do.

How likely are you to recommend Pandos to a colleague or friend?

In the way Pandos work, I will recommend it! For professors, I might don’t know exactly how they can use it but I knew that my professor (Dr. Claudia) used the information that her students provided in the app. And for my friends, I think the app would help a lot in creating teams based on characteristics or parameters. For example, Pandos app helped me to put someone that is very talkative with someone who is quiet. Or, I can put a person who is very tailored with someone who is more oral, see everything in a number of views. In that way, the teams are balanced with different personalities and that’s something valuable to our projects. People have diverse personalities so if you use Pandos app, it will help you a lot on how to work in a team like that.

How would you rate Pandos out of 5?

I think that I say 5.

Pandos Customer Review – Sylvia Sanchez Fermin from Saint Mary’s University

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