Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Winnie, and I am a Ryerson University student studying Financial Mathematics. Pandos was used in my biology course BLG 144.

What problems were you attempting to solve with Pandos?

Pandos app case studies - Winne Zhan from Ryerson University - Having a high-performance team by matching with ideal members 1

Communication problems when working with a team

The primary teamwork problem that I think we tried to solve with Pandos was matching teammates like creating teams where there was an equal balance of work ethic. It’s a grouping of people together with the same values of work ethic which made doing work a lot easier. We avoided a lot of issues with miscommunication and mismatched personalities. That was a big one that we were able to avoid, so that’s what we did with Pandos.

Did Pandos help you in solving your problems? And how?

Generally, Pandos meet all kinds of needs that we would have as University students like making the group have a chat function. I think one really good thing is showing everybody’s availability, which was really nice. So, when we have to schedule meetings, we can just look at everybody’s availability and just schedule it accordingly. That was really nice!

What do you like best about Pandos?

What I liked best about Pandos was how easy it was to use. Because in the beginning we just took a few quizzes that determined how we learned and how we do work. We just did it once and it kind of automatically generated a group for us. So it was really easy to use, and I feel like the user experience was very simple to use. For example, chatting was very clear, like which icon you had to click on, so it wasn’t very difficult to use at all. It was very user-friendly!

Pandos app case studies - Winne Zhan from Ryerson University - Having a high-performance team by matching with ideal members 3

With Pandos app, finding the perfect time for team meetings has never been easier.

What are the ways you want Pandos to meet or exceed your expectations?

With teamwork, we don’t need that much because everything else we can already collaborate on Google docs and that’s how we work. I think the only thing Pandos needs to fix is notifications. Like when you’ve already done something but the notification won’t go away.  Something like that could be a little bit confusing. 

What recommendations do you have for others who consider using Pandos?

I would say that Pandos is a great resource. The only special thing I really do like about it, like I mentioned before, is taking a personality quiz for them to generate groups of people. That kind of work alike and similarly I guess, or it has the same kind of work habits. So that is a really good feature that I think, and people who want to start using Pandos can take advantage of it. 

Usually in University, when I’m in biology class and didn’t have Pandos, it was always difficult working with some people who wouldn’t show up or wouldn’t do the work. But with this one, since you’re matched with people that are similar in the way you work, that is one of the biggest plus for Pandos! 

How likely are you to recommend Pandos to a colleague or friend?

I would definitely recommend Pandos for a friend, or I would recommend for professors, classes that use group work. It works really well when you have to make groups of people, and when you have to use teamwork in the courses. I think that would be really useful. 

How would you rate Pandos out of 5?

I would rate Pandos for 4 or 4.5 out of 5! 

Pandos Customer Review – Winne Zhan from Ryerson University

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