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Onboarding – No problem!


A primary challenge that many organizations face during the onboarding process is the struggle to strike the right balance between information overload and the need for comprehensive orientation. Finding the optimal level of detail and ensuring that new hires receive essential information without overwhelming them can be a challenge. Efficient onboarding and training are crucial

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Health & Safety & People Enablement Platforms


In today's rapidly changing workplace landscape, ensuring the health and safety of employees has become more crucial than ever. Health and Safety Managers bear the responsibility of upholding stringent protocols, adhering to regulations, and fostering a culture of safety within their organizations. This daunting task can be significantly streamlined and amplified through the integration of

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The Future Landscape of People Enablement


The trajectory of People Enablement Platforms points toward a dynamic future, characterized by continuous innovation and adaptation to the evolving needs of the workforce. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of holistic employee experiences, these platforms are expected to become even more sophisticated in addressing multifaceted challenges. The future landscape of enablement platforms is intricately

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CEOs & Team Building


The role of CEOs has expanded to encompass not only strategic decision-making but also leadership in the realm of team building. CEOs who actively engage in team building initiatives foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and employee satisfaction that can have a profound impact on their organization's success. CEOs play a pivotal role in shaping

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AI, People & Culture


It is no surprise to anyone today that AI has revolutionized the way we work and live. It is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, enabling them to think and learn like humans. AI has various applications in different fields, and one such field is People and Culture. AI has become a game-changer

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Revolutionizing Employee Experience


As we know, our modern workplace is undergoing a significant transformation, and at the forefront of this evolution are the ideas of employee experience and enablement.  The workplace landscape is rapidly evolving as employees are seeking more than just a job—they desire an enriching experience that aligns with their personal and professional growth. Technology has 

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Pandos AI-Mentor, Your Smart Fellow


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we work and live. It is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, enabling them to think and learn like humans.  According to a 2022 survey of 2,620 business leaders, 94% of respondents agree that AI-powered technologies is critical to success over the next five years, and

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Companies’ Core Challenge: Story Reveals


At any position that you are in a company, whether you are the CEO or a new intern you face everyday challenges to fulfill your responsibilities and excel at the workplace. Although these challenges may seem different on the surface level depending on your position, they are, in fact, rooted in a common issue.

Companies’ Core Challenge: Story Reveals2023-03-01T16:34:18+00:00

Clarify the Pathways to Promotion at Your Company!


One thing is obvious; employees aspire to progress in their careers. However, identifying the next opportunity for success and growth in a company frequently becomes challenging for employees, especially in today’s world of work, which is a combination of in-person, hybrid, and remote. A key strategy to overcome this common problem is to clarify

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Meet Pandos at Collision 2022


Globally recognised as "The Olympics of tech", the annual Collision conference brings together market leaders, tech giants, groundbreaking startups and world-class speakers in Toronto on June 20-23, 2022. This year, more than 900 speakers, 1,250 startups, 1,200 journalists, 850 investors and 100 unicorn companies from over 140 countries are taking part in Collision conference,

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