The spring at long last comes back to Canada after a long winter and run of fowls begins to fly in the sky of Toronto. Scores of Canada geese continuously fly in a V pattern since the fluttering wings of the geese in the front and the geese that take after, which is much more energy-efficient than flying alone. On the off chance that the lead goose has been tired at the front of the V, it drops back to require place a position within the V and another goose move within the lead position. Canada geese loud honk to energize each other. In case a goose has a few issues such as being shot or gets sick, two other geese break the arrangement to take after the wiped out goose to the ground and sustain their companion.

Check out the video below to see how we can adapt the Geese teamwork inspiration.

The score of geese is a perfect lesson for high-performing teamwork!

Source: Youtube – Lesson of the Geese