We are very excited to inform our valued customers about this return, which includes new features as well as new services. Our product has also vastly improved. So, what exactly are these updates? Let’s take a closer look!

1- Pandos collaboration app

Our product is an application that supports you in creating collaborative groups with just a few clicks, along with extremely effective group management utilities and a user-friendly interface.

1-1-Highlight features

That’s the theory! But, how can Pandos specifically help you with team management? And what makes us stand out from other platforms that you may have used in the past ? Just take a look at our highlight features:

Feature 1: Smart profile creator

Maybe you missed this! Group learning is more effective if team members are diverse in skills and personalities. With the smart self-assessment function, Pandos can make it easier for you to find companions with matching skills & abilities, and help improve team productivity!


Smart profile creator – Image: Pandos app.

Feature 2: Team generator

Now this is our core value! Educators or learners can form their own groups in person or randomly, or based on multiple criteria: including goals, availability, personality, skills, gender, and furthermore! You don’t have to be confused whenever choosing members for your team, our smart team generator can help you with just a few clicks!


Team generator – Image: Pandos app.

Feature 3: Extremely simple task management platform

User-friendly and easy-to-use task management interface for groups and individuals. It only takes a few steps to create tasks, assign assignments, submit reminders, and receive work results. With Pandos, deadlines are no longer an issue!



Extremely simple task management platform – Image: Pandos app.

Feature 4: Smart assessment creator

Our group assessment feature allows instructors to create diverse class performance survey questions, and also helps students anonymously rate their teammates!


Smart assessment creator – Image: Pandos app.

1-1-What are the new updates in October 2021?

Pandos has never stopped developing as they say ‘’Great Developers Never Stop Learning’’. In this October 2021 version, Pandos has improved the following features:

  • UI-UX improvements
  • LTI 3.0 compliant
  • improvements in personality charts
  • Multiple file/link upload in Task submission Adding weighting factor for each criterion in team formation algorithm
  • Minor bug fixes

So what are you still waiting for?! Pandos’ team formation and management tool is now available for free!


2-Pandos software services

If you are running a private online course and need a reputable website for students to register, or if you are a startup entrepreneur who needs to develop applications in accordance with international standards, etc. Pandos will provide you with multi-software services that can support your projects, regardless of who you are!

With a large number of developers and designers from around the world, leveraging agile methodologies, you will be amazed at the level of creativity as well as the extremely fast project delivery time.


Pandos software services

Such software services Pandos provides, are:

  • Website development
  • Web and mobile application development
  • UI/UX design
  • 3D simulation
  • AI consultation
  • Technical consultation

Check Pandos services here.

3-Pandos social channels

In order to help our customers reach Pandos on multimedia, we will grow the community with all users in multi-social channels starting in October 2021, including:

pandos twitter
pandos twitter


Be ready for Pandos’s new outlook!

About Pandos Intelligence Inc.
Pandos Intelligence Inc (PI) is a software company based in Ontario, Canada. The company’s main product is a web app that facilitates team formation, task management, and team assessment for education and business.