Human Genetics – Biomedical Sciences
Ryerson University – Undergrad students

The instructor of the course Human Genetics in Biomedical Program at Ryerson University used our platform for their group assignments. In that class, there were 31 undergraduate students and the instructor required students to work in groups for a case study on rare genetic disorders. She then formed 5 teams, based on their interest, students could join the teams. Each group was required to find a research paper about the topic and submit a review about the paper on the platform. After the assignment, the instructor asked students to do a team assessment to evaluate their teammates’ performance.

Feedback from the instructor:

“Forming teams with many different criteria in seconds is a life saver”

Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Ryerson University- Graduate students

Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MEIE) is a program at Ryerson University where students learn the ability to create and run a startup and development market deficiencies with feasible technology solutions by the end of the program. Group assignment is a core part of the MEIE program. There are 41 graduate students using our platform throughout their program. Students could write their startup idea on their profiles and search for members with complementary skills. They actively use our platform to form teams for 2 classes in the Fall 2020.

Feedback from the student:

“Great Platform. Kindly upscale with information sync tools within team in further releases like whiteboard, #slack, attachments, etc.”

Science Grade 10 – Secondary Students in Ontario

An instructor at a secondary school in Toronto used the platform for the course Science Grade 10. The instructor wants to have an activity to engage remote students with in-class students to name and write chemical formulas of ionic compounds. In their profile, “anions” were assigned to half of the class and “cations” to the other half. A “cation” needs to team up with an “anion”. Students were very engaged in the activity and they understood the concept of writing chemical names very quickly. After this activity, they suggested having more similar activities in the future.

Feedback from the instructor:

“Interesting solution for collaborative learning for a class mixing of remote students and in-class students. ”