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Mikaela K.
Pandos Review Overall, I would say that I have had a positive experience using Pandos and I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues and classmates . ☺The product is easy to use and has helped me stay organized throughout my academic career. I can communicate with my classmates and provide valuable feedback through this platform. Grades are uploaded directly through this platform and helps me manage my workload. ☹Personally, given that each of my courses uses different academic platforms, it can be difficult to navigate each site and stay on track with all my classes.
Ata J.
My Pandos Review ☺I like how easily accessible the software is, and I was able to effectively navigate where everything is without problem. ☹Having to sign in every time it logs me out.
Mahta J.
My Pandos Review ☺It was easy to use during my online-schooling where I was not able to communicate with classmates/teammates in person. ☹that it only had a desktop version. an app on my phone would have been more helpful.
Maddy D.
Pandos Review ☺I liked the way teams were set up and the easy communication. ☹Troubleshooting was slightly difficult, occasional technical issues.
Bahar T.
Pandos lab experiments Me and my teammate's could connect easily through pandos and do our virtual labs ☺Its easy to access and gives opportunity to do virtual labs easily ☹Sometines it had errors that we had to refresh to do the lab simulation
Valeria S.
Review It was great for small teams ☺It was easy to use! It was a good platform to communicate with my team ☹Layout was confusing, took me a while to get used to it
Kareena P.
Great Product ☺Pandos made it really easy for me to communicate and collaborate with my group because of the messaging and sharing files options. ☹Often times the email notifications for messages or due dates were delayed. So it was difficult to get back to a group member right away if they messaged.
Winnee Z.
Pandos For University Group Work ☺What I like most about the software is that it effectively sorts people into appropriate groups based on a personality quiz. This enables you to work with others that have similar priorities and work ethics. ☹I think the peer assessment part of the software could be improved. When I was assessing my peers, there was no indication for who I had already evaluated, this confused me, and I had to redo the assessment a few times to make sure I assessed everybody.
Kapil S.
Easy to use, Pandos Seemless, Easy to use and Fulfilling experience with Pandos. ☺Pandos is easy to use, User Interface is quite interactive and navigation is seamless for the users. ☹No improvements as such, Pandos met all my requirements.
Silvia Aydee S.
Pandos as support in our classes I like the platform as it is easy to navigate, and in the beginning, we did a personality which also helped me to connect with my classmates. ☺It is easy to use and very intuitive, I also liked the design and colors. Also, I liked the questionnaire to know about our personalities. ☹We needed to give feedback to our peers, and it was not clear how to use a bar that was up in each question.